We Are Amber

Dedicated Drug Designer, Where Medicine Begins. Building World’s Strongest Medicines Starts at Amber.

The Right Chemistry

Discovering Because it Matters, Human Front of the Medical Engineering. Developing Targeted Therapy.

Striving Expertise Medicine

The Medicine Maker, Good Medicine Delivered. Discover Wellness at Amber, Where Good Health Begins.

Beyond Medicine Expertise

Pharmacy Techs Know How to Mix it Up, Your Health Our Priority. Committed to Improving the Quality of Life.

Thriving Joy & Happiness

We are Here to Feel You Healthier & Happier. We Offer More than Just Medicine, Good Health Begins at Amber.

What We Do

Amber Lifesciences Private Limited is committed to “Innovative Health. Healing Lives.” Incepted in 2006, and started in year 2024. Our mission drives us to continuously strive for excellence by adhering to the principles of offering high-quality products at affordable prices accessible to all.

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The company works diligently to advance the organization’s mission through ongoing dedication to delivering high-quality products at affordable prices accessible to everyone.