Code of Conduct

A code of conduct comprises standards that all individuals—employees and third parties—associated with the company, whether owned or managed by us, must adhere to. Similar to other codes and policies, it ensures quality in our operations.

Additionally, it serves as an effective solution for addressing any issues that may arise regarding supervisors’ responsibilities in fostering an excellent environment for everyone involved. It also promotes transparency when receiving feedback or criticism from others.

Conflicts of Interest

Directors and senior management must exercise caution to avoid ‘conflicts of interest’ with the Company. While it’s challenging to provide comprehensive guidance in this area, the guiding policy is that any activity, event, or circumstance affecting or possibly affecting a conflict of interest must be disclosed to the Board for appropriate administration and action.

Corporate Opportunities

The Directors and senior management owe a responsibility to the Company to encourage its lawful interests when the opportunity to do so occurs and are expressly prohibited from inappropriate use of information or resources or, practicing undue use of their position.

Acquiescence by Laws, Rules, and Regulations

The Directors and senior management are committed to ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the Company. Any activities, directly or indirectly involving securities of the Company, must adhere to the Code of Conduct for Prohibition of Insider Trading.

Protection & Proper Use of Company’s Assets

The Directors and senior management are responsible for safeguarding the company’s assets and resources. These assets should only be utilized for lawful business purposes.

Compliance with Code of Conduct

All Directors and senior management personnel must adhere to this code of conduct and declare compliance with it on an annual basis, as per the terms of the Listing Contract with the Stock Exchanges. Violation of this Code will result in appropriate action being taken.

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