Amber Lifesciences Cookie Notice

Amber Lifesciences Inc., its associates, and subsidiaries (collectively “Amber Lifesciences,” “Company,” “our,” “we,” and “us”), and third parties use digital tracking technologies (such as cookies, tags, pixels, related technologies, known as “Cookies”), on our digital resources (such as in our emails and our website) for several causes, including building our websites function accurately and being capable to deliver you with the most suitable products, services, and information.

This Cookie Notice (“Notice”) defines what Cookies are and provides information regarding the Cookies that we use. The Notice further clarifies your preferences concerning the use of such Cookies.

What are Cookies?

A “cookie” is brief text files that can be saved on your device when you interact with digital resources, such as during thou visit to a website or send an email. The information saved in the cookie can be read on following visits to the digital resources, providing for the device to be verified. “First-party cookies” are cookies established by the digital resources that you are visiting; “third-party cookies” are cookies installed by third parties while you visited the digital resources.

“Determined cookies” are cookies that are not deleted automatically when you end your browser or device. In contradiction, “session cookies” are removed when you close your browser or device. Determined cookies allow the website to “identify” information about you as a returning visitor, such as your language choices.

Amber Lifesciences may collect data from you by using Cookies.

What Cookies Does Amber Lifesciences Use?

Our websites, applications, emails, and other digital services (our “Resources”) may apply to both first-party Cookies and third-party Cookies. These Cookies give a type of purposes and can usually be categorized as:
Strictly Essential Cookies
Analytics Cookies
Preference Cookies
Advertising Cookies

Strictly Essential Cookies

Strictly Essential Cookies facilitate focus functionality on our Resources related to user authentication, network management, security, and accessibility. Externally these Cookies, the Resources, and associated services, such as browsing as a registered user or creating an investment, would not be convenient to you. While you may be capable of configuring your browser to decline these cookies, doing so would affect how our Resources function.

Analytics Cookies

Analytics Cookies are applied genuinely for in-house research on how to enhance the services rendered to users of Resources. Analytics Cookies evaluate how you anonymously socialize with our Resources and do not receive any information that identifies you. Where needed by law, we will receive your acquiescence before installing analytics Cookies on your device.

Preference Cookies

Preference Cookies assemble information to enable the website to remember your preferences, such as the language or territory in which you are found. Preference Cookies enable us to give more personal characteristics and a more beneficial experience for you as you navigate our Resources. Where needed by law, we will collect your permission before setting preference Cookies on your device.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising Cookies help our marketing and advertising leads by allowing reliable targeting for marketing & advertising and gauging the effectiveness of our advertising. Where needed by law, we will collect your permission before setting advertising Cookies on your device.

How to Manage Cookies?

Depending on the relevant law, you may have the right to determine whether specific Cookies save on your visit. If you do not need our Resources to use Cookies, please understand the directions in the cookie banner displayed on the website when you visit the website Disallowing or eliminating Cookies within your browser or browser settings could transform the availability and functioning of our Resources. You may need to be refreshed for each browser, device, and domain or resource that you visit.

For additional information about cookies including how to recognize what cookies have been set on your device and how to control and remove them, please contact us – ——————.

Revisions to this Notice

We may renew this Notice on a timely basis. You are supported to consult this Notice frequently and check the date on which the Notice was last updated, as shown in the Notice. When we get a material modification to the Notice, we will try to inform you by sending a noticeable standard on our website or as otherwise demanded by law.


If you have any questions relating to our use of cookies, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by email [email protected], sending physical mail to Amber LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd. 206, Hermes Atrium, Plot No. 44, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614. India., or using the Amber Lifesciences acquiescence line via the phone number registered at Amber Lifesciences.