Amber Lifesciences Privacy Policy

Amber Lifesciences, its associates, and subsidiaries (collectively “Amber Lifesciences,” “Company,” “we,” “our,” and “us”) are entirely committed to protecting the information reciting to identified or identifiable actual persons (“Personal Data”) that we process.

This Amber Lifesciences Privacy Policy (“Policy”) defines our compilation, use, disclosure, and maintenance of Personal Data of our websites, and your use of them, our marketing and stipulation of products and services, our interactions with you in person, by requesting us, or by mail, and unless during the procedure of our business. The Policy also defines how you may, following appropriate laws, be responsible to manage our processing of your Personal Data and operate other rights. This Privacy Policy does not refer to the Personal Data of members of our team in the context of that connection.

Depending on the method you communicate with us, we may also give you additional knowledge about our processing of your Personal Data directing particular processing activities and conditions. Yet, in the case of any dispute or disagreement between the terms of this privacy policy the Personal Data processing managed to that disclosure.

The Amber Lifesciences subsidiary or associate with which you interact is, where relevant, the information controller (or similar under applicable law) accountable for the processing of your Personal Data. You can see a list of the appropriate legal articles that function as data controllers to this Privacy Policy. Such actualities may also have separate Supplemental Acknowledgments.
We have designated a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) for domains where one is needed under relevant law. Though, anyone in any domain can communicate our DPO with inquiries about our Personal Data processing activities or the contents of this privacy policy.

Incognito, de-identified, and all data, as these terms may be determined under appropriate law, is not regarded as “Personal Data” in the sense of this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy is included in the following segments:

  • Personal Data We Collect
  • Why We Process Personal Data
  • Lawful Authorities of Processing
  • Acknowledgments of Personal Data
  • Data Security and Retention
  • Your Preferences and Rights
  • Children’s Data
  • Contact Us
  1. Personal Data We Gather

Amber Lifesciences or third parties performing on our support may receive Personal Data about you from several sources. We may consolidate the Personal Data that you give, such as when you register for an account on our website; submit a professional application to us. We may also automatically accumulate Personal Data as you interact with us, such as cookies and related technologies, including data such as getting the IP address from which you visited our website. We likewise collect Personal Data from third-party sources, such as collecting information regarding healthcare licenses from third-party providers.

The kinds and significance of Personal Data that we obtain regarding any particular individual would be based on the characteristics of our affiliation with that individual and the objectives for which we use the individual’s Personal Data. We secure Personal Data from various classifications of individuals, including but not limited to the following:

  • Visitors to our digital resources (such as our websites)
  • Healthcare experts
  • Workforce members and representatives of our assistance providers, contractors, and business associates
  • Researchers and members of the scientific agreement
  • Job candidates
  • Analysis members

Personal Data That You Give

We obtain Personal Data that you prefer to provide us, such as while you are registering to engage in a clinical trial, performing surveys, articulating with our customer care representatives, reporting pharmacological affairs and other criticisms, visiting our facilities, or applying for a job, with other synergies.

Depending on your connection with us, you may provide us the following kinds of Personal Data:

  • Identifiers and Contact Data, such as your name, company’s name, address, city, state, and country of residence, government-issued identifiers, email address, contact number, and related identifiers.
  • Demographic Data, such as your income levels, marital status, ethnicity, sex, gender, age, national origin, disability condition, and work authorization status.
  • Health Data, such as circumstances with which you have been diagnosed, symptoms that you have encountered after using a Amber Lifesciences product, drug usage, dietary limitations, and other data relating to your physical, or mental health.
  • Commercial Data, such as checklists, payment intervals and agendas, commercial account information, and data regarding services provided.
  • Biometric Data, such as iris patterns, facial geometry, and additional biological analyses.
  • Professional Data, such as healthcare license numbers, existing and previous employers, current and past salaries, institutional records, the information given on your CV, and images.
  • Decisions and Survey Responses, such as your decisions concerning communication means and your acknowledgments to surveys, including customer satisfaction reviews.

Personal Data That We Get Automatically

We may automatically get information that composes Personal Data when you interact with us, such as when you visit our website, read our marketing information such as emails, contact us, buy a product from us, apply for a career, and other interactions.

Based on your interaction with us, we may obtain the following kinds of Personal Data:

  • Identifiers and Contact Data, such as device identifiers such as IP and MAC addresses, cookie identifiers, device advertising identifiers, username, email address, contact number, and related identifiers.
  • Usage and Device Data, such as sites visited, browser sort and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in standards and versions, OS and program, other technology on the devices utilized to access our websites, the quantity of transferred data, location data (e.g., suggested by IP address or collected through GPS), and interactions with ads.
  • Health Data, such as reasoning about the conditions that you might be feeling based on your browsing activity.
  • Commercial Data, such as information of products and services acquired or sampled.
  • Biometric Data, such as facial geometry, iris scans, and other biological measurements.
  • We utilize cookies and related digital tracking technologies (“Cookies”) in our emails and on our digital properties. This may involve us or third parties collecting Personal Data about online activities over time and across third-party websites or online services. We do not currently respond to web browser Do Not Track signals or similar mechanisms.

Personal Data That We Obtain from Third Parties

We may collect Personal Data reporting to you from third parties, such as when we get contact information from marketing inventory suppliers to assist our marketing and sales team about when we take professional license data to verify information given by healthcare providers.

The third parties from whom we gather Personal Data usually come within the following classifications:

  • Administrative sources
  • Openly available data
  • Social media sites
  • Marketing data provider
  • Promotion allies
  • Analytics supplier
  • Payment manager
  • Data supplementation authorities
  • Marketing partners like event co-sponsors

Amber Lifesciences manages the following kinds of Personal Data from third parties:

  • Identifiers and Contact Details, such as name, address, email address, phone number, general location (such as city, state, and country), company name, and system identifiers (comprising cookie identifiers and system promotion identifiers).
  • Demographic Data, like details regarding income, age, sex, gender, nationality, and disability condition.
  • Utilization and Device Data, such as browsing and search history and synergies with ads.
  • Health Data, such as details concerning responses to Amber Lifesciences products that are manufactured and available on social media sites.
    Usage and Device Information, such as sites visited, browser kind and version, time zone context and location, browser plug-in sorts and versions, operating system and program, additional technology on the devices utilized to access our websites, the quantity of transferred information, location details (gathered by IP address or received over GPS), and interactions with ads.
    Commercial Data, such as features of products and services bought or sampled and assumptions concerning the community sections to which you might apply.

Why Amber Lifesciences Process Personal Data

The particular determinations for which Amber Lifesciences processes an individual’s Personal Data alter based on our affiliation with the individual. Usually, Amber Lifesciences processes Personal Data for the following objectives:

  • To manage certain business ventures, however not limited to marketing, advertising, sales to clients, customer care, collecting payments, registering into contractual arrangements, contracting with third-party service providers, knowing investigators, countering fraud, and securing goods or services.
  • To give our products, or services, including answering your requested transactions and, anywhere essential, to verify that you meet eligibility guidelines if the inquired product, good, or service is restricted to specific associations.
  • To interact with people, including replying to inquiries, questions, and complaints from clients, users, and other individuals, replying to requests for contributions, sponsoring, accomplishments, or charity, and notifying people about career opportunities with Amber Lifesciences.
  • To present information and promotion, such as online promotion or direct marketing, regarding welfares, services, and products that we consider may be beneficial, appropriate, or of interest to you.
  • To assess an individual’s application, such as while processing an application for an opportunity on Amber Lifesciences’s company or during assessing whether to confer a reward.
  • To manage research and development, consist enhancing current products and services and upgrading new ones.
  • To administer, support, expand and develop our digital resources, such as our websites, services, and other social media platforms.
  • To preserve, promote, and study the protection of our policies and digital resources.
  • To comply with legal responsibilities, such as responsibilities describing to research, development, pharmacovigilance, marketing, and advertisement of therapeutic products and other healthcare products, and countering to legal methods or analyses from professionals.
  • To protect the virtues, interests, and security of us, you, third parties, and to apply and secure our rights.
  • To build unknown, aggregated, or de-identified datasets So datasets would not be “Personal Data” subject to this policy. We may utilize unknown, aggregated, or de-identified datasets for whatever determination.

The further objects for which we may prepare whatever has considered appropriate classifications of personal data below some authorities’ laws are as follows to the extent relevant, necessary, and permitted by applicable local law:

  • Demographic data – We will utilize data regarding your race, ethnicity, and disability for particular purposes, such as required for medical tests or securing significant equal chance monitoring and proclaiming as demanded by some authorities’ instructions.
  • Biometric data – We will work biometric data for particular purposes, such as required for medical trials.
  • Health data – We will manage health data for patient assistance details and in some instances may collect health data for medical trials and relevant activities.
  1. Legal Authorizations of Processing

Several jurisdictions need that we have the legal authority to confirm our processing of your Personal Data. Wherever appropriate, the lawful authorities that Amber Lifesciences relies on to support a critical processing activity may change from the lawful data applied to maintain a diverse processing activity. Amber Lifesciences relies on the following legitimate authorities to process Personal Data, as permitted following appropriate law:

  • Processing required for the negotiation, execution, or representation of arrangements
  • Processing to comply with legitimate and administrative responsibilities
  • Processing for purposes of common interest in the domain of public health
  • Processing in the improvement of our legal interests, including our interests to lead legitimate marketing activities (such as enhancing our products and services, to interact with you, to ensure our systems, with other legitimate concerns)
  • Processing based on your approval

We may receive your permission to obtain and use specific representations of Personal Data when we are asked to do so by law (for instance, about our direct marketing practice and our usage of cookies). If we request your permission to process your Personal Data, you may withdraw your acquiescence at any time by contacting us using the features at the end of this Privacy Policy. Suppressing your permission will not modify the legitimacy of the processing based on approval before its removal.

Where needed by law, we may receive your specific acquiescence to get and manage specific kind data regarding you. Additional legal authorities for our processing of specific kind data may comprise, as authorized by relevant law, for systematic research, for ideas of preventative or professional medicine or based on a contract with a health care provider or other health professionals, for the job, cultural security or civil protection law, for purposes of valuable public interest, or as essential for the institution, operation or maintenance of legal rights. You can contact our DPO for more details regarding our processing of your Personal Data.

Acknowledgments of Personal Data

Where demanded by suitable law, Amber Lifesciences does not pay, sell, or distribute Personal Data concerning you with non-affiliated persons for their direct marketing objectives except we have your approval. Otherwise, though, we may reveal your Data to the following kinds of third parties without your permission as authorized by relevant law:

  • Members of Amber Lifesciences, including our associates, subsidiaries, and other members of Amber Lifesciences in India.
  • Service Providers, which are beings that process Personal Data in place of Amber Lifesciences.
  • Individual with legal claims to access Personal Data, including, as the situation may be, law enforcement companies, intelligence assistance, responsible administrative and jurisdictional authorities, and individual with validly assigned citations, warrants, or other kinds of the legal process.
  • Parties associated in potential trade activities, including inherent acquirers and different stakeholders in the matter of consolidation or legal restructuring processes such as an appropriation, collective investment, authorization, turn-off, divestiture, or bankruptcy.
  • We may also disclose Personal Data to third parties such as social media platforms and other sites if you allow us to share Personal Data with such sites or to other actualities that do not come in one of the above classifications with your agreement.

Data Security and Usage

Amber Lifesciences performs different technical, official, physical, and organizational standards to maintain the security and confidentiality of Personal Data. While we use criteria to safeguard your Personal Data, we cannot assure you that the Personal Data we process will remain protected.

Where needed by law, Amber Lifesciences will maintain Personal Data only for as long as required to achieve the objectives for which the Personal Data was obtained or for the duration needed by the relevant laws.

To manage the relevant maintenance time for your Personal Data, Amber Lifesciences analyzes the following determinants:

  • The size, type, and responsiveness of the Personal Data.
  • The inherent risk of harm from its illegal use or exposure.
  • The objectives for which we process it and whether we can manage those determinations by other medians.
  • Appropriate legal conditions.

When the recognition of your Personal Data is no longer essential for the objectives for which it was gathered or our maintenance of such Personal Data is no longer needed by law, we will delete, anonymize, de-identify, or aggregate the Personal Data such that it is no longer connected with you.

Your Preferences and Rights

Some authorities have provided people with specific rights concerning the processing of their Personal Data. This is the case where you or the Amber Lifesciences associates or subsidiary with which you interact is located in India, though these rights may be available in other domains too. These rights are not available to everyone, and they do not significantly practice in all contexts. Depending on the relevant law, you may have the rights to:

  • Request access to your Personal Data.
  • Request improvement of your Personal Data (should your Personal Data be incorrect, inadequate, or out-of-date).
  • Request for deleting your Personal Data.
  • Withdraw your acquiescence to processing (where we processed Personal Data based on your approval). Please perceive that removing your acquiescence refers only to later processing activities.
  • Object to the processing of your Personal Data.
  • Ask for restrictions on the processing of your Personal Data.
  • Request the transference of your Personal Data to you or a third party.
  • Opt-out of specific transfers to third parties.

To execute a claim that you consider you may be empowered to under suitable law, please contact Amber Lifesciences. We may want to confirm your identity before we perform your request.

If you consider that we have been disappointed to comply with your request or have not approached a complaint that you have, you may also have the right to complain to the responsible data protection or other administrative officials in your jurisdiction.

Children’s Data

We do not intentionally process Personal Data relating to individuals younger than 16 without the approval of the minor’s guardian, besides where authorized under suitable law. If you have a reason to believe that we are processing Personal Data associating with a minor without authorization from the minor’s guardian, please inform us at [email protected]. Please regard that in certain circumstances we may process minors’ Personal Data for particular activities such as medical trials. Such processing will be directed to separate policies and practices, including Supplemental Declarations.

Contact Us

To practice your rights or make a request regarding the processing of your Personal Data, you may contact us by: [email protected]