Research & Development

At our state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre, we boast top-notch infrastructure for both primary and validated research. Our dedicated team operates around the clock to cater to all the center’s needs and responsibilities.

R&D Center results in a wide-ranging formation of capabilities and services

Pre-clinical Research

Our pre-clinical department (PCF) conducts a wide range of research, including regulatory toxicity studies required for filing Investigational New Drug (IND) applications. We also offer an extensive array of microbiology and pharmacology expertise, all of which are certified..

Biotech Research

Our biotech research focuses on substituting existing chemical processes of manufacturing intermediates with fermentation and enzymatic-based conversions to enhance environmental safety and security.

Pharma Research

The pharmaceutical research department consists of both antibiotic and non-antibiotic divisions, with specific segments dedicated to local markets, other emerging markets, and regulated. Additionally, there is ongoing development in a veterinary formulations program.


The IPM administration promotes the growth of patent uses, data patents, advances patent applications, and identifies potential new products and markets for APIs and formulations, while also supporting research activities.


Our multi-therapeutic and specialized companies, serving national clients for R&D projects, signify our progress in the global medical innovation arena as a recognized entity. The infrastructure includes independent labs for therapeutic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and pharmacokinetics.


We have rapidly evolved into a fully integrated Indian Pharmaceutical Company, covering the pharmaceutical chain with our presence in all six categories of APIs, CRAMS, branded generics, monitored generics, and NCEs.


We aim to advance novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) for select anti-infective molecules. Multiple programs and product-specific technologies, including six prototype formulations, have been developed. The areas of NDDS Research include drug-specific and program technologies.

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