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Product Information

Product information on this website is run by Amber Lifesciences and is reserved for general information purposes entirely. Several pharmaceutical and medical supply products listed are available within the prescription kind of a therapeutic physician or qualified pharmaceutical expert only, and not all such products is also available all told regions. The merchandise information isn’t expected to present complete medical information. Do you have to:-

Have a therapeutic condition, immediately consult your medical doctor or health care provider. We don’t allow personalized diagnosis or patient-distinct treatment information.

You should always take comprehensive medical information regarding your prescription medicines or medical methods (including their advantageous medical treatments and possible inimical effects) by discussing the relevant usage of any medicine(s) or medical devices directly along with your prescribing doctor or, where suitable, other medical advisors. Pharmaceutical experts may get complete medical information from the product’s information handbill. Information on these products may differ by state. Patients, doctors, and other therapeutic experts should verify with local pharmaceutical stores and administrative experts for information suitable to their state. In computing, current laws in several domains limit (or even restrain in some cases) the potential of Amber Lifesciences to provide information and/or to reply immediately to patient inquiries concerning its prescription products. Amber Lifesciences, yet, will reply to inquiries from and provides information to your adequate health care professional following local laws.

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Amber Lifesciences Healthcare does not execute, and thus expressly disclaims, any representations, circumstances, or guarantees of any sort, either declare or intended (including, without restriction, and proposed circumstances or guarantees of merchantability, suitability for appropriate confidence or non-violation), or emerging out of the way of dealing, practice, or sale about the website or any information or elements given on or in association with the website, including the precision, completeness, currency of such data or materials, or the frequency that they are updated. You agree that the Amber Lifesciences  website and everything on the Amber Lifesciences website is rendered on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Amber Lifesciences implies no obligation or responsibility for any errors or cancellations in the content of its website or your use of the websites. Amber Lifesciences creates no conditions or guarantees that:

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Losses (also if Amber Lifesciences has been informed of the possibility of such damages), resulting from:

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The disclaimers and conditions provided in these terms shall implement irrespective of the breakdown of the crucial objective of any restricted treatment provided herein. Some authorities do not allow the exclusion of particular guarantees or the restriction or exclusion of responsibility for accidental or consequential damages. Therefore, some of the above conditions may not apply to you. To the most comprehensive extent perhaps by law, Amber Lifesciences Healthcare and any of its administrators, directors, employees, or associates’ supreme liability resulting out of or in connection with Amber Lifesciences website or your usage of Amber Lifesciences’s content, although of a cause of claim (whether in agreement, tort, violation of guarantee or otherwise), will not exceed in the gross.


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