Pioneering Healthcare Transformation: Amber LifeSciences has a rich history of pioneering healthcare transformation. Through relentless innovation and dedication, we’ve consistently developed groundbreaking solutions that enhance patient outcomes and elevate global healthcare standards.

Pioneering Healthcare Transformation

Our approach stands out as we embark on a journey to redefine healthcare paradigms. By leveraging cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, we’re not only enhancing individual well-being but also empowering entire communities and contributing to the sustainability of our planet. This commitment to innovation and holistic progress underscores our dedication to creating a healthier and more equitable world for generations to come.

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Founded in 2024, Amber LifeSciences pioneers pharmaceutical innovation with a mission beyond profit, dedicated to combating humanity’s ailments.
“We are committed to Humanity, We believe the power of Science should be for Healing Lives, Not for the profits.”
– Raj Singh (Chairman, CEO)

Our Approach

Our approach is distinct. We’re revolutionizing healthcare by harnessing the full potential of scientific advancements for the betterment of individuals, communities, and the planet at large. Through innovative research and development, we aim to provide cutting-edge solutions that address pressing health challenges, ensuring sustainable practices and equitable access to healthcare for all.

Health & Wellness

Today, our dedication remains unwavering as we empower individuals to prioritize their well-being and that of their communities and environment. Through our scientifically-driven products and solutions, inspired by consumer needs, we simplify healthcare, enabling more people to take proactive control of their health journey. By fostering a holistic approach, we support healthier, more resilient societies.

Company Incorporation

Amber was born and incorporated on the day 14 March 2024.

  • First State Marketing Launch

    On 25 April 2021 Amber first introduced products in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Uttrakhand (UK)

  • Amber Introduce First Product-Line


  • First Day of Interaction

    On 26 April Amber on the First-Day covered 100+ customers.

  • Mumbai and Maharashtra Launch

    On 10 Sep 2021 Amber launched products ranging to Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nasik, and the whole of Maharashtra.

  • Amber Introduce New Products

    New products

Vital Key Facts

Specializing in CMO, regulatory compliance, and pioneering research and innovation.