Who We Are

At Amber LifeSciences, we pioneer clinical trials and ensure accessible, affordable care, empowering patients and professionals. Our mission is to reimagine medicine, creating profound impacts and driving positive change in healthcare.

Who We Are
We are Amber Lifesciences

As a medicine company with a global, science-driven ethos, we transcend conventional boundaries, utilizing science to heal and enhance the lives of people worldwide. Our vision is to revolutionize healthcare by translating scientific breakthroughs into a future that is healthier, more accessible, and more affordable for all individuals, communities, and the World.

Community-Driven Excellence in Healthcare

Additionally, we’re deeply rooted in local communities. With operations spanning over 4,000 cities across India, we collaborate closely with our customers to provide high-quality and affordable medicines that meet unmet patient needs. At Amber, we take pride in the fact that our patients and healthcare professionals are integral parts of our global culture and the wonderful communities in which they operate.

Cutting-Edge Formulation Manufacturing

We have established medicine production at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for formulations in Navi Mumbai. Additionally, we ensure secure formulation manufacturing in India to meet the evolving needs of various markets.

Enhancing Drug Affordability with ‘Striving Life’

Embracing the core values of ‘Striving Life’, we have made significant strides in improving the affordability of drugs worldwide. This achievement has been made possible through cost and complexity rationalization, enhancement of our product range, and method enhancements.

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Providing tailored pharmaceutical solutions to touch and transform lives.