ESG Resources

At Amber LifeSciences, our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our corporate ethos. We strive to operate responsibly, safeguarding the well-being of communities worldwide while creating lasting value through our aligned sustainability strategy.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Approach
At Amber LifeSciences, we recognize the interconnectedness of our employees, communities, and business’s future. Our dedication to making a meaningful impact goes beyond the development and delivery of innovative medicines that aid patients in overcoming serious illnesses. Through our ESG strategy, we aim to leverage our capabilities and resources to positively influence the communities in which we operate worldwide.
Embracing the World’s Greatest Health Challenges
At Amber Lifesciences, we tackle challenging diseases, ensure equitable access to medicines and vaccines, and strengthen healthcare systems, all to build a brighter future.

Core Responsibility

Responsibility is central to our mission, driving sustainable impact and generating enduring value for Amber Lifesciences and society. Our actions reflect our commitment to ethical and impactful business practices.

Access to Healthcare

Amber Lifesciences collaborates globally to enhance healthcare, ensuring innovative products are accessible and affordable. Our efforts focus on reaching those in need, making a significant impact.

Valued Workforce

At Amber Lifesciences, our diverse, skilled, and motivated workforce is our greatest asset. We cultivate a culture of inclusion, recognizing and celebrating the unique contributions of every individual.

Green Environment

Amber Lifesciences, operating worldwide, prioritizes environmental sustainability for the benefit of both the planet and our business. We innovate products while mitigating costs and risks, ensuring an enduring, positive impact on global communities.

Our Ethics

Ethical Foundation: At Amber Lifesciences, our operations are grounded in ethics, integrity, and respect for human rights, fostering a culture of accountability and responsible decision-making.

Core Values

Amber Lifesciences upholds ethics, integrity, and human rights, fostering accountability, decision-making, and reliability, ensuring responsible and impactful business practices across all operations.
ESG Framework
Built on four strategic pillars – Healthy People, Healthy Society, Healthy Planet, and A Healthy Amber LifeSciences. Our ESG framework enables us to address interconnected issues holistically and integrate them closely with our long-term strategy.

Global Patient Safety

Ensuring patient safety is paramount. Amber LifeSciences’ Global Patient Safety (GPS) department employs robust pharmacovigilance practices, using rigorous science, data analytics, and strict adherence to global regulations to maintain the favorable benefit-risk profile of our products.

Healthy People

At Amber LifeSciences, we strive to enhance healthcare access by removing barriers and creating innovative solutions, ensuring people live healthier lives. Our commitment extends to reaching underserved communities globally.

Healthy Society

At Amber LifeSciences, our endeavors foster a more equitable society by prioritizing the well-being of our employees and extending support to the communities we serve, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in all aspects of our operations.

Healthy Planet

Embracing sustainability as a core value, Amber LifeSciences is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through responsible practices, ensuring the preservation of precious natural resources to support the needs of present and future generations.
Statement on Counterfeit Drugs
  • At Amber LifeSciences, we prioritize the utmost standards of drug quality and patient safety, making the detection and prevention of counterfeit drugs a top concern. Counterfeit medications pose an inherent risk to patients as their safety and efficacy remain uncertain.
  • Our robust supply chain security program is designed to ensure the resilience and security of our global supply chain, safeguarding the integrity of Amber LifeSciences medicines and protecting the well-being of our patients.
  • To combat the criminal activity of counterfeiting, we have implemented various measures including: Utilizing advanced technology to thwart counterfeiters attempts to replicate Amber LifeSciences packaging.
    Collaborating with local and state law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute individuals involved in product tampering and counterfeiting, aiding in the apprehension and conviction of perpetrators.
  • We advocate for the adoption of serialization and track-and-trace methods to enhance supply chain security and safeguard our products and patients. In pursuit of this goal, we work closely with regulatory bodies such as the FDA Administration and industry partners.
  • Amber LifeSciences actively supports regulatory agencies in their efforts to protect public health by swiftly removing counterfeit drugs from circulation. Upon receiving credible reports of counterfeit Amber LifeSciences products, we promptly notify regulatory authorities to facilitate necessary actions to ensure drug supply safety and initiate enforcement proceedings as warranted.
  • Our mission at Amber LifeSciences is to pioneer innovative therapeutics by leveraging biological advancements, adhering to stringent regulatory standards, and benefiting millions of patients facing serious medical conditions through proven safety and efficacy.


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